Thursday, February 09, 2006

John Barlow & Leeshia Barwick (Toronto, ON) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous nice tape job said...

ah such a fine day that was

winter's cold is a great thing

if you're ever outdoors

doing anything artistic

in exceptionally cold weather

doesn't it seem that much more



9:38 PM  
Anonymous JLWater said said...

those who live outdoors of course
do art as well

9:40 PM  
Anonymous MontGomeryInc said...

what's this "You can use some
HTML tags, such as .."?

windsor humanities research group

9:47 PM  
Anonymous riverspinemagazine said...

often when looking at
blogs i think
like it was far out place
'so this is pure internet'
the superhighway

it must have been thrilling
for the people at riverspine
and spadina there to
come upon this glorious

Of course some would have a
quick gust of oh my
and think to hurry off
others made to chortle
as they read the poem
constantly reminded
they were Inkorrect Thots

All the while in that spacious
intersection with the
plentiful foot traffic

they were looked at again
within 24 hours some up some not

and now those gloried postaers
lie in some landfill
or were gummed to something
or rescued by people
nearby at some point

really good posters, well


by the way, nice tape job,
it is way better in the winter
for art,

specially new years eve 2007

the streets will be lively and fun
for bicycling til well past dawn


9:57 PM  

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