Monday, January 23, 2006

Rob Read "bissett vs canada post" Posted by Picasa

"1. First poster went up on the side of the canada post mailbox at the corner of bathurst and tichester (one street north of st. clair). This struck me as poetic justice - when i used to edit existere at york, bill was kind enough to send some of his work for us to print - when the work got to us, the envelope was ripped to shreds in one corner, and wrapped in plastic (yeah, like a corpse) with a notice saying to make sure to pack our mail better in the future - and unsigned by any postal employee in the space for signature. we scanned and published the pieces as is under the title of 'bill bissett vs. canada post.' i consider this poster posting to be round two." R.R.


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that one's a
beaut for sure

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