Sunday, February 19, 2006

Jamie Reid - 5th & Yew (Vancouver, BC) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am sitting here with mr. reid
thinking of linking
blog to blog

and mike is here

and we spoke to bill b
the other night

thoughts correct in correction in

5:50 PM  
Anonymous barlow's doves said...

the pictures haven't loaded yet

patiently allowing them to load

i figure i'll put a comment on

each photo so when

people sign on to this

it won't 0 comments on any

earlier by the way, when i was
bcc'ing i put the people i was
bcc'ing on the list of contribs
to the in thots project
because they were receiving it
only a few were in that category
carlyle and ben, who might not
have known of it at the time

others who carefully support
such things

JLWater, Jem, and Stephen

2007's number one blog

a new universe


9:31 PM  

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