Tuesday, January 10, 2006

John Barlow (with Leeshia Barwick) reports from Toronto

"we were out ourselves today with the duck and the big red
> putting up and photoing - most daring, right outside
> cibc at spadina and college, prepped the poster
> with shining red two inch tape while kneeling behind
> the giant garbage canisters of bizarre toronto,
> then did a smoothe undifferentiated stride
> along the sidewalks and had it flat and smoothe
> and prominent and we took six photos right there.
> several with cn skyneedle, couple in momently escaped sunshine,
> but my fave with a red streetcar blasting along behind
> another site: the big post out front of the labrynth
> and next to tranzac club, with all photos by leeshia
> on that one, including hockey classics "Cigarette chomped
> in mouth, adfixing the reinforcing duck tape where necessary"
> glorious."


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